Adoption Application

Do you have any children living in your home (even part-time)?

Do you own your home?

If you do NOT own your home, will your landlord allow pets?

Do you have a yard for the dog to use?

If you have a yard, is it fenced?

Do all adults in the house work?

Is someone home during the day?

Do you intend to keep this dog primarily indoors?

Do you have the time and patience to housetrain a dog if it is not fully trained?

Do you know what a crate is?

Are you willing to use one with a rescue dog until it is reliable in the house?

Would you be willing to adopt a special needs dog? (ie: blind, sick, deaf, etc.)

Would you be willing to adopt an obese dog that requires measured amounts of food and exercise?

Would you be willing to adopt a dog with a "behavior problem" ?

Have you ever owned a Sheltie before?

Are you aware of all a Shelties needs? (ie: grooming, exercising, etc.)

Are you aware that Shelties are barkers?

Are you aware of the financial responsibilies of dog ownership? Including vet care, food, licensing, yearly shots, heartworm testing and monthly prevention, and regular grooming.

I agree that all the answers I have given are true and correct to the best of my knowledge