Before You Apply…

At Western NC Sheltie Rescue, our primary concern is the health and welfare of dogs that come into our program. You are not filling out an application for a specific dog.  WNCSR cannot promise that the sheltie you would like would be a good fit for your family or still be in rescue when the application process is complete.


WNCSR requires a fully enclosed, secured 4 foot high fenced yard that connects to the house, not invisable fencing or dogs lots.  At our discretion we may waive this requirement for older shelties.  * This also applies to Foster families * and Foster families have the first right of refusal for a dog they are fostering *

Our shelties must be allowed inside, as shelties are very social and will want to be part of your family.


Our dogs are in foster homes.  If approved you must be willing to travel to meet the dog and interact with it.


Please be patient with our application process, there are only one or two volunteers who review applications. After receiving the application you will be contacted to review your application.

A volunteer will call your vet to verify that your current pet/s are spayed/neutered, up to date on all vaccinations and heartworm preventatives. If they are not, you will be automatically denied.  We will also ask for any information available on past pets.  After that is complete, a home visit and yard check will be scheduled.

Once this process is complete, we will work to match you with a dog that is right for your family or will place you on a waiting list.  At the time of adoption a contract must be completed and signed.
We reserve the right to refuse an applicant if, in our judgement the home situation is not compatable with the needs of a sheltie or if the breed is not suitable for the applicant.

Know The Breed:

Shelties are a double coated breed and need frequent brushing to keep from being matted. They shed and are not hypo-allergenic.

Shelties are a herding breed and can be barkers and let you know when anything is happening in your yard and also the neighbor’s yard.  They may try to herd everyone in your family, children, other dogs, wildlife and also chase cars and squirrels. Because of this, they may not do well with younger children.

Shelties can also be shy and it may take a while for them to bond with you, but once they do, they are loyal and loving.