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Is a sheltie for me?  Often mistakenly called miniature collies, the Shetland Sheepdog is a distinct breed. They can be sweet and gentle, or rumbustious and playful, they are almost always barky.  It’s what they do. They love to herd and announce to the world that something is happening.  While a great family pet, unless you get them very young and have them grow up with your young children, we would not encourage them around children under 6.  You will never be alone once you own a sheltie, and we mean never, not even in the bathroom  😊


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The Mission of our Shelter


At WesternNCSR our mission is to promote Sheltie’s to the community, by providing safe compassionate homes to them when they find themselves homeless.  WesternNCSR will do everything in its power to prevent cruelty, overpopulation and euthanization of a sheltie.  We promise to help all shelties that come to us to find a final home that is best suited for the circumstances of that dog. 


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What We Do

Rescuing Animals

Please contact us if you have found yourself unable to continue care for you pet, or if you have located a lost or stray that needs shelter and help finding its home

Spay & Neuter

All dogs adpoted all will be spayed or neutered, unless a medical reason is present.  All medical issues will be documented with a plan in place if future spaying or neutering is an option.  

Finding A Home

WesternNCSR, uses loving and caring fosters to keep each dog as comfortable as possible while we search to find the right home for any pets surrended to us.

Save lifes

though any donation is greatly appreciated please remember if you donate to us on your birthday through facebook all recurring donations are matched. 

Adopt & Foster

Below is the link if you would like to apply to be a foster parent, keep in mind, fosters always have first rights to adopt an animinal in their care.  However, we need forever homes as well, so you can use the link below to get your application approved ahead of time.  When dogs are available preapproved applications get priority

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